does anyone know of any good websites to learn how to play the guitar?


Question by tyler8362: does anyone know of any good websites to learn how to play the guitar?
I recently received 2 electric guitars from my father.
1.Gibson Sg special
2.Gibson les paul custom
the only problem is that I don’t know how to play the guitar but I would really like to learn.

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Answer by palmtreepunk

If that doesn’t suite, just google “free guitar lessons online”, I found a ton for Ukulele’s (which I’m trying to learn currently). Good luck :)

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ray s has alot of free lessons. Some good, some not so good.

You should also download tabledit or powertab. These are nice tools in learning how to play guitar.

“Guitar for Dummies” or “Idiots Guide to Playing Guitar” are some books that can get you started a bit, too.


Those are seriously nice guitars.

Do honor to your father and get private lessons. The guitars, and the gift he gave you are worth it if you really want to learn to play.

The gift to yourself will be beyond measure.

The Rejected

lucky you! I wish I had 2 electric guitars!! I have 1 acoustic =/

anyways… it’s very simple to learn guitar. there is a place called which gives you the guitar tab to any of the songs that you wish to play =)

not enough? on youtube, many good people post guitar lessons on their videos.

Lol. I envy you =P

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